CONTACT Altoona Programs and Services

All services provided by CONTACT Altoona are free, confidential, and anonymous:

Helpline Services for Blair County and Beyond

A caring voice as close as the telephone! Everyone needs someone to talk with who can lend a caring ear, and help them find their inner resources. CONTACT Altoona’s Helpline is the source community members can turn to when it seems there is nowhere to turn. At some point in our lives we may feel the silence of fear, loneliness, or difficult situations. We may turn to family or close friends and just having someone to talk to makes a difference. If you feel you are all alone, there is a place to call. Someone will be there who will listen. Someone will be there, who will care.

Telephones are staffed 7 days a week by volunteers trained to listen carefully and help callers identify problems and make decisions about their lives. Since 1982 CONTACT Altoona has helped people in the greater Blair County area and surrounding communities find solutions to a variety of problems including: Crisis Situations, Drug and Alcohol Problems, Illness or Disability, Grief Stricken, Loneliness, or Depression. CONTACT Altoona’s Helpline can be reached by calling (814) 946-9050.

Reassurance Program for Blair County

The CONTACT Altoona Reassurance Program seeks to meet the needs of people who are living alone, aged, ill, lonely, or with a disability. By placing a daily telephone call, at pre-arranged times to Blair County residents requesting this service. The purpose of the calls is a friendly social chat, a safety check, or even a medication reminder. These calls are made by the trained volunteers of CONTACT Altoona.

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PA 2-1-1 Services:

2-1-1 is a three-digit dialing code designated by the Federal Communications Commission to provide widespread public access to community information and referral services.

2-1-1 is like 411 or 911 but for health and human services information and referral. By dialing 2-1-1, callers speak with a call specialist at CONTACT Altoona who has access to an online comprehensive PA 2-1-1 database of health and human services utilized by all PA 2-1-1 call centers.

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Training Program for CONTACT Altoona Volunteers in Blair County, PA

If you like to help other people, CONTACT Altoona needs you!!! CONTACT Altoona Helpline Volunteers provide valuable services to the community. The training program at CONTACT Altoona prepares people like you for telephone duty on CONTACT Altoona’s Helpline, and with skills that you can use in your everyday life. It is a program focused on self-awareness, listening skills and knowledge of the human service resources of Blair County.

The program is rewarding, offering opportunities for personal and professional growth and a way to give meaningful service within our community.