About CONTACT Altoona, Your Telephone Helpline
in Blair County, PA

CONTACT Altoona was established in Blair County in 1982, and has been continuously providing services to Blair County residents and the surrounding communities through its programs and services. CONTACT Altoona is a telephone helpline service providing listening services, reassurance calls, crisis intervention, and information and referral services to the community. Telephones are staffed 365 days a year by trained volunteers who are prepared to offer stability in times of confusion and to assist people of all ages to resolve their own problems and develop their inner resources. All services are free and confidential.

Fully Accredited Through International Council for Helplines or ICH for the Best Standards

CONTACT Altoona is 501(3) nonprofit, tax exempt organization governed by the CONTACT Altoona Board Directors, and supported by charitable donations.

CONTACT Altoona is fully accredited through International Council for Helplines or ICH. ICH conducts an intensive onsite evaluation of CONTACT Altoona’s programs, services, training and agency operations, ensuring the highest standards of service delivery by CONTACT Altoona.

CONTACT Altoona is a member of the Blair County Chamber of Commerce, Pennsylvania Association of Non-Profit Organizations (PANO) and the national Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS).

CONTACT Altoona Brochure