History of CONTACT Altoona

A group of concerned Christians, recognizing the need for Helpline telephone service in Blair County caused CONTACT Altoona to begin in 1981 as a project of the City Union of United Methodist Churches. City Union contributed $3,000.00 seed money to provide funding for recruitment, training and publicity. The first training classes began March 1, 1982. By September 1, 1982, eighty-five telephone workers had been trained and commissioned.

Since its inception, CONTACT Altoona has continuously provided Helpline services in the community through dedicated and well-trained volunteers. With the foundation of Helpline services, CONTACT Altoona’s programs and services have expanded to include Reassurance Calls, Information and Referral, PA 2-1-1 services, all in addition to the Two telephone lines have been in operation since that time.